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Aptalyzer Elisa Processor


Single test, Cartridge based, fully automated Elisa processor

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Device features
  • Have 30 different sample positions
  • Ability to perform different tests at the same time
  • Adjusting Calibration curve as mono and double calibrator in form of Point to Point and 4 PL
  • Simultaneous use of 2 different wash solutions
  • Have 2 dispensing needles ( a needle just for Conjugate solution to prevent cross-cotamination)
  • Have 2 punchers separate from needles ( just for Conjugate solution to prevent cross-cotamination)
  • Have a daily self-check program to verify device performance automatically
  • Have a weekly sanitizing plan for cleaning Fluidic routes
  • Ability to display and save the calibration curve
  • Ability to define a new test via two-dimensional external barcode reader
  • Have Internal and external barcode reader
  • Ability to save results
  • Ability to recalculate the same Lot No. results
  • Capable of shaking the cartridges if needed
Device advantages comparing to others
  • More kit price stability due to domestic production
  • Permanently kit availability
  • Mono-test cartridge running
  • No hidden costs

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