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Pmax Combilyzer


Dual-purpose fully automated device

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Device features
  •     Dual-purpose fully automated device for running both Elisa and Chemiluminescence tests by using common kits and mono-test cartridge
  •     Ability to perform different tests at the same time
  •     Have 24 mono-test cartridge positions for Elisa and Chemiluminescence tests
  •     Simultaneous use of different solutions
  •     Have a heater system up to 37 ° C
  •     Have two plate (96 test) positions and 1 pre-dilution MTP position and three racks of different sizes for 192 samples and also have Plate Shaker
  •     Adjusting Point to Point Calibration curve as mono and multi calibrator

Device advantages comparing to others
  •     More kit price stability due to domestic production
  •     Permanently kit availability
  •     ELISA and Chemiluminescence readability
  •     Mono-test cartridge running ( plate)
  •     No hidden costs

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